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Cookies are downloaded to the memory of your device through which you use, e.g. on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Cookies allow us to remember your activity on the website and you preferences for longer. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain they come from, ‘expiry date’ of such text file and a random unique number or another value.

We use the following types of cookies:

session cookies – which are removed once you close your browser; persistent cookies – which are removed after a specific period (‘expiry date’), regardless of closing the browser or leaving; own cookies – set by servers; third party cookies – set by third party servers, e.g. Google Analytics. 

The cookies that are used by the Administrator store information: about your device, about your browser, about the way you found, about your session on

We use cookies for the following purposes: to remember your preferences in order to e.g. make it easier for you to use our website when you return to it, to analyze and hold statistics of views at our website, e.g. with the use of Google Analytics; to better adjust information that the Administrator sends you via Facebook, Google services and Google’s partner websites, to track redirected traffic, to adjust the content of to your preferences, to optimize the use of through, among other things, recognizing User device and personalization of the website’s view on your device, to hold statistics that help understand how people use our portal, which helps us constantly improve its structure and content.

You can freely manage cookies, including the rules of their storing or acquiring access, through appropriate settings of your browser. Provider of every browser enables users to change its settings according to their preferences. We inform that blocking of cookies may cause certain problems in terms of website use, including our website. You can change cookies settings at any moment and oppose to processing of information included in these files either by us or third party. You will find more information on cookies management in popular browsers here: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer.

You can oppose to sending of information collected by cookies to Google within Google Analytics provided that you download a plug-in here. You can switch off personalized Google ads at any moment – just click here. You can also oppose to downloading data by the provider of Hotjar analytics tool here. If you use or website on a mobile device, you can find additional information regarding cookies settings on producers’ websites. Besides, we use selected business tools offered by Facebook in the form of Pixel and nonstandard recipient group functions. Detailed information on the rules of operation of these tools is available at When it comes to Pixel, you have already received information separately from Facebook. We would like to explain that Pixel is a programming code that enables tracking of Users’ behavior on pages, where it was placed. Thanks to Pixel, Facebook learns that you visited our website and puts you in the target group to display our announcements to. These announcements are displayed exclusively to Facebook users who have showed interest in our website. Thanks to these tools, if you are also a Facebook user, Facebook can show you suggestions on our content that may be interesting to you (personalized content). More information on settings and preferences regarding content displayed to you on Facebook can be found here.

If you want to switch off Facebook Pixel for yourself, click here and, after logging into Facebook, change ads setting on your Facebook account.

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